Whole30 Changing My View On Food

I mentioned in my previous post that I finally made a big change on April 2nd.  Well, that change involved starting my journey on the Whole30 program.  (Disclosure, I am not getting paid in any way shape or form for mentioning Whole30).

A friend of mine mentioned Whole30 to me back in the Fall, and after I first took at look at it, I had the same reaction as lots of people seemed to have, which was to say “There’s no way I could give all of that up!”  The reason I had looked at it to begin with was because my friend had mentioned that it had really helped him with inflammation he had been having in his body.  Well, as the first three months of 2017 were moving along I was having worse and worse issues with inflammation in my lower body.  It had gotten to the point that I was considering going to a doctor to see what was going on.  I’m 48, but in all honesty I felt like I was going on 88.  However, I first decided to take another look at Whole30 because of my friend’s suggestion.

Whole30 is not about a diet, in fact you aren’t allowed to step on a scale from the day you begin the program until the end of the 30 days.  It is more about changing your relationship with food.  It is all about eating lots of protein, fresh vegetables and fruit, while eliminating Dairy, Beans, Grains and Added Sugars.  Back when I first looked at it, I said that I couldn’t give up my Ovaltine or my love for bread cold turkey like that. However, after looking again, and realizing that it is only for 30 days to let your body reset, and then reintroduce them to see which if any of them were causing your issues, I decided that “Yeah, I can do something for 30 days.”

I’ll start out also by saying that I was pretty certain at the outset that Added Sugar was my biggest issue.  Put something with Sugar in front of me, and it is likely going to end up in my mouth at some point.  Harris Teeter sells tubs of a dozen chocolate chunk cookies, that I believe are listed as one per serving.  Really?  That’s like one or two sittings for me. Give me a pint of ice cream, and it’s just getting me started.  I even had a habit of probably 20-60 ounces per day of soda, so yeah, Sugar and I had issues.

I started researching Whole30 in earnest in mid-March, getting the house as ready as I could, and put my plan in motion the morning of April 2nd.  The first day was awesome, because just like they said in the book, eating real food was great, but hey, it’s just one day.  Day two was rougher, because when I stopped at Harris Teeter, those cookies sounded like a siren call just begging to jump into my basket.  However, I told myself, it’s only 30 days, just be strong.

Day three was when I first turned the corner.  I had noticed that my legs were feeling better by the end of Day two, but when I woke up on Day three I popped right out of bed at the alarm, and felt almost no pain.  It caught me by surprise, and I had to take a minute to figure out what was going on.

As of this morning, I have completed my first 15 days, and at this point the results have been nothing short of a miracle for me.  All of my inflammation has gone away, and the bloated feeling I always had has completely disappeared.  In addition, my entire attitude has improved.  I didn’t realize just how much of a haze I had been living in until it was lifted.  The final benefit is one that I can only guess at, since I’m not allowed to step on a scale for another 15 days, but based on how I feel, and how my clothes are fitting I’m probably down at least ten pounds so far.

My midway point analysis of Whole30?  It is nothing short of life changing.  Now, instead of feeling 88, I honestly feel like I’m 28.  It will be interesting to get to the reintroduction phase to find out what foods (other than Sugar) were causing my issues, but I have already decided that there is no turning back for me. I’ve never been a vegetable eater, but that has changed, because I’m feeling so much better.


Sometimes you just need to change something to get the change you want.

Yeah, I know it’s cliche, but I have recently come to the realization that if you want something to change in your life, you have to change something in your life. What exactly does that mean? Well, it’s kind of like that quote from Albert Einstein about “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you want something to change in your life, yet you keep doing the same things over and over again, you are likely not going to get the change that you want.

Where does this come into play for me? Like many people, I have struggled for a long time with stress, diet, exercise and life in general. I tried making changes, at least I said I wanted to make them, but not really. Need to eat healthier, actually take a salad to work, but then lunchtime arrives, and make a run to the grocery store and grab a sandwich, chips and a soda, as usual. Yep, change isn’t happening that way.

Stress has been my biggest issue, but I have made some changes in the last couple of years, and yet still wasn’t getting where I wanted to get. I am a life long runner, but had slowly let that slip to the side in recent years, in favor of my children, chores around the house and work. As of the end of 2015, I had spent two years averaging about 20 miles a month running, including many months with just a few or no miles at all. Finally at Christmas that year I rededicated myself to the craft, and after a slow start to the year, actually finished out 2015 with 1,200.4 miles. so 100 miles a month on average. That’s a great change right? Then why was I still feeling worse and worse with each passing month?

Well, on April 2nd, I finally did, and the results so far have been astounding, but that is an item for my next post……

Why Just Change Something?


I’ve long considered doing a blog, since everyone else seems to be doing blogs.  But who wants to hear what I have to say?  Maybe the crickets, maybe a bunch of people.  I don’t know.

However, something has happened recently that has me wanting to talk, and therefore, for better or worse, This blog has been born.

Sometimes, you just have to change something in order for something to change.