Whole30 Reintroduction #4 – Welcome Back Gluten Grains – My first issue?

Gluten Grains

Well, I reintroduced Gluten Grains over last weekend.  It wasn’t as clean of a reintroduction as I would have liked, since this was Ballet Recital weekend for my 10 year old.  Saturday morning I went to watch her first performance at 9:30 AM, then ran out to buy some much needed running shoes and then home to cut the grass that was getting high enough that one could get lost in it if not careful.  I then was back at the theater at 1:00 to do the Daddy-Daughter dance in the 1:30 and 3:30 shows before then watching the 6:30 Company show.  Sunday was not much better with teaching Sunday School, then running up to Lake Norman for a friend’s 50th Birthday Party, and then back down to the theater to do the Daddy-Daughter dance again, before going home for about an hour and then meeting Sungi and Talyn for Mother’s Day dinner at Mama Ricotta’s.

Yeah, it was just that kind of weekend.

Started off Saturday morning with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Honey Wheat bread.  Just had some fruit for lunch since I was trying to get back up to the theater.  For dinner between the 3:30 and 6:30 shows I ran over to Fuel Pizza on The Green had had a Fuel Stromboli.  When I got it, I was thinking that I would regret it in the morning, because I had to take a handful of napkins and wipe off all the oil that it was soaked in. It really tasted good, and I didn’t pay to heavy a price for it, likely due to the fact that I was pretty good the rest of the day.

Sunday morning I had another peanut butter and jelly sandwich on Honey Wheat break. Then for lunch we were at our friend’s birthday party, and they had a burrito bar, so I had chicken and pork burritos on flour tortillas.  Then for dinner Hayden and I met Sungi and Talyn at Mama Ricotta’s for dinner, where I had a big plate of Rigatoni with meat sauce.

The net result of all of that bread and pasta over the weekend?  Well, I found myself with inflamed legs on Monday morning.  Initially, I was blaming it on the eight mile run I did on Saturday, on top of standing a good chunk of the weekend between dance and the birthday party.  However, it is now Wednesday, and they are still hurting, so starting to think there is a connection.  I didn’t go back completely Whole30 on Monday, so have still had bread each day.

Going to go back Whole30 for the rest of this week, and see how my legs feel.  If the inflammation goes away, then I think I will have found my second casualty of my trip through Whole30.  Added sugar being the first.  Won’t completely eliminate either of them from my diet, but at least I will know what they do to me, and will be able to smart choices going forward on when to enjoy that special treat, knowing full well the effects.

Have been accumulating my recipes in another post that will be coming up in a day or two.  Trying to look back at each one, and the pros and cons of each dish.  Most of them were amazing, but some had issues here and there.

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