Whole30 Reintroduction #3 – Welcome Back Dairy

Well, yesterday was my day to reintroduce Dairy back into my diet under my Whole30 Program.  Have to admit that I was a little bit nervous about it after hearing so many of my friends talk about being lactose intolerant.  Before Whole30 I had been having dairy in one form or another every day for as long as I could remember.

Was removing it for the 30 days, and no reintroducing it going to show me that I’m lactose intolerant now as well?

Started my morning with a glass of milk and my all time favorite flavoring:ovaltine-master

I have to admit, if there was one thing I have truly missing since starting the program, it was my morning glass of Ovaltine.  Except for a few years in high school when I was sidetracked by an infatuation with Carnation Instant Breakfast, I have had a glass of milk and ovaltine almost daily since I was a child.

The for lunch I enjoyed a snack of some yogurtChobaniI generally prefer Yoplait, but my girls have taken a fancy to the greek yogurt, and that was what we had in the fridge yesterday morning.  Have to say, I wasn’t impressed.  Far to bitter for my liking, but it was dairy back into my diet on this day.

Then for dinner, I had some leftover Turkey Larb on Bibb lettuce leaves, which was still as good as it had been the first time around, and left plenty of room for my dairy dessert.

My dairy of choice?  It was also my first true splurge since starting on the Whole30 program.  A healthy size serving of ice cream from that little dairy in Brenham, Texas.


In my opinion, Bluebell Homemade Vanilla is the 2nd best ice cream on the planet.  It is 2nd only to truly home made vanilla ice cream.  My daughter stayed up late, just so she could watch me savor my first bites, because she knew that I had been waiting for this moment.  It was truly delicious, but I also stopped after what I considered a reasonable serving, and didn’t even think about digging in for seconds, which most certainly would have happened prior to Whole30.

I can safely report that I made it though yesterday with no ill effects.  I did not notice any issues as a result, just as has been the case so far with Legumes and Gluten free grains.  I will be allowing dairy back into my life after my reintroductions are complete, though on a much more limited basis than previously.

Well, back to Whole30 for today and tomorrow, before reintroducing the final piece of the puzzle in the form of Gluten Grains over the weekend.


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