Whole30 Reintroduction #2 – Gluten Free Grains

Gluten Free

Well, reintroduced Gluten Free Grains on Saturday and Sunday.  That was phase 2 of my #whole30 reintroduction.  Everything went well again.

Had rolled oats with blueberries and a little bit of sugar (because they were seriously bland) for breakfast Saturday morning.  Thanks to my daughter for thinking of that for me as something to try.

Then for lunch I had some sushi from Earth Fare.  Had gone there looking for a sandwich with gluten free bread, but when I asked the guy behind the counter if they had gluten free bread he said yes, and pointed me to a menu.  Problem was that the menu didn’t say what was gluten free, and what was not, which did me little good, since I don’t normally worry about that.

For dinner we had chicken curry with white rice, and then I had the leftovers from that for dinner last night.

All went well, once again as expected.  Now back to Whole30 diet for today and tomorrow, before adding in Dairy on Wednesday.  That should be interesting to see how lactose affects me.

Still seeing good effects from continuing my clean eating.  Stepped on the scale this morning at 172, which is down another 2 1/2 pounds since the end of my Whole30 program on May 1st.

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