A Zoodle? What the heck is a Zoodle?

That’s what I was wondering when I flipped through my Whole30 Cookbook, and found a recipe for Asian Beef Zoodle Soup.  It sure didn’t sound like anything I wanted getting to close to my plate (or bowl, since it said it was a soup).  I mean, what if it was contagious? Did I want to feed something to myself or my daughters that might be contagious?

However, as I read the recipe, I realized that it looked a whole lot like a Vietnamese Beef Soup called Pho that I got hooked on back in college, and even after while I was living in Houston.  Lots of the same flavors, except for those darn Zoodles.  What the heck was that?

Well, I read on, and found that Zoodles were Zucchini noodles.  Didn’t know you could make noodles out of Zucchini.  Oh, wait, maybe that is what the little gadget my daughter bought for my wife Sungi last Christmas, which has sat unused in a drawer ever since. Hmmmm.  Dug it out, and decided to give it a try.

The recipe was incredibly easy to make, and sure enough you can make noodles out of Zucchini.  After tossing them in the boiling soup base for two or three minutes they were just a little bit firmer than the egg noodles that traditionally comes with Pho.  My younger daughter and I served up a couple of steaming bowls, since we were the only ones home at the time, and sat down to nervously try this new concoction.  After just one bite we both smiled and each other, and said “This is amazing!”

I told my older daughter, when she got home from her ballet lessons, that she could just have leftovers from the previous day’s meal, and that I would take one for the team and eat the rest of the soup.  Unfortunately, she saw right through my ruse, and had a big bowl for herself.  We all took leftovers to school/work the next day for our lunches.

Oh, by the way, I did learn that the Zoodles are indeed contagious.  My 13 year old told me “If you fix this every day, I will eat Zucchini all the time.” and so far in my journey through the Whole30 Cookbook, Asian Beef Zoodle Soup has been the first dish that has come back for an encore performance.

Will have to look for a Whole30 compliant pasta sauce, and see if we can’t work some spaghetti magic with Zoodles.  The food world continues to open wider.


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